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 ● Unique Enemy Ships: Hordes of ships, whether it be

    aliens or pirates, will fight to take you down.
 ● Bosses: Each enemy faction has a set of challenging         bosses that you’ll face throughout your adventure.

 Base Invasion: After defeating enough waves of enemy     ships, take the fight to their home base and finish the

  fight against them. 

● Choose Your Ship: Unlock and choose from a unique set of player ships.
● Ship Upgrades: Choose from a variety of ship upgrades after every sector.
● Advanced ship equipment: Laser guns, rockets, drills, railguns, over-shields, and much more.
● Art: Creative art presented in a unique, retro style.
● Soundtrack: A variety of unique songs you can listen to while you blast away ships.

Stellar Year: Unknown is a 2D, top-down space shooter wave survival/adventure game. Fight your way through waves of enemy ships and bosses before taking the fight to their own base. Featuring upgrades, a variety of player ships, enemy ships and factions, bosses, a unique soundtrack, and more!

Stellar Year: unknown